15 Best Ai Voice Generators for 2023

The fast paced evolution of technology within the realm of human resources is witnessing notable advancements, particularly in the rapid development of AI Voice production. At the forefront of this technological surge are the top AI voice generators, showcasing their prowess in crating remarkably human like voices for a spectrum of applications encompassing both audio and video content.

A leading AI voice generator serves as a versatile tool, enabling users to craft compelling social media content, produce captivating audiobooks, effortlessly translate written works and videos, and even engage in real-time language learning experiences through interactive sessions with AI. This blog post will meticulously explore 15 cutting edge AI voice generators, each presenting its unique features and capabilities to elevate the user experience across a wide range of applications.

The Top 15 Best AI Voice Generator Ranked

Take a brief glance at our selected favorites for the finest AI voice generators, offering a glimpse of what awaits you in our comprehensive guide.

Why should you consider utilizing an AI voice generator?

Best Ai Voice Generator

There are several compelling reasons to consider utilizing an AI voice generator.

  1. Time Efficiency: AI voice generators can quickly convert text into spoken words, saving significant time compared to traditional voice recording methods. This is particularly beneficial for projects with tight deadlines.
  2. Diverse Voice Options: These tools offer a variety of voices with different tones, styles and accents. Users can choose the most suitable voice for their specific content, enhancing customization and audience engagement.
  3. Multilingual Support: AI voice generators often support multiple languages, enabling content creation for global audiences. This is advantageous for businesses and content creators looking to reach diverse markets.
  4. Consistent Quality: AI generated voices provide consistent quality and tone, eliminating variations that may occur with human voice actors. This ensures a uniform and professional sound across different segments of content.
  5. Accessibility: AI generated voices contribute to making content more accessible, especially for individuals with visual impairments or learning disabilities. They enable the creation or audio versions or written material, fostering inclusivity.
  6. Cost Effectiveness: Compared to hiring professional voice actors, using AI voice generators is a cost effective solution. It eliminates the need for expensive recording sessions and allows for high quality voiceovers without the associated production costs.
  7. Real Time Language Learning: AI voice generators can be employed for real time language learning experiences. Users can engage in conversations with AI, practicing pronunciation and language skills in an interactive and dynamic way.
  8. Versatility in Applications: AI voice generators can be used across various applications, from creating social media content and podcasts to developing virtual assistants and e learning modules. Their versatility makes them valuable in diverse industries.
  9. Innovative Content Creation: With features like emotion customization and natural intonation, AI voice generators contribute to more innovative and engaging content creation. They are particularly useful in fields such as gaming, virtual reality, and interative storytelling.
  10. 24/7 Availability: AI voice generators are available around the clock, providing flexibility in content creation timelines. This is especially beneficial for global projects or when quick content updates are necessary.

In summary, utilizing an AI voice generator offers a range of advantages, including time efficiency, customization, multilingual support, consistent quality, accessibility, cost effectiveness, real time language learning, versatility, and the ability to contribute to innovative content creation. These benefits make AI voice generators valuable tools for content creators, businesses, and educators looking to enhance their audio and video content.

Review of the Top AI Voice Generators

1. VoiceMaker AI

VoiceMaker AI

Voicemaker AI stands out as a cutting edge AI voice generator that trans text into lifelike speech with remarkable precision. This platform offers a seamless experience for users seeking natural sounding voices across various applications, from audiobooks to social media content.


  • Natural Sounding Voices: Voicemaker AI excels in producing voices that closely mimic human speech, enhancing the overall authenticity of the generated content.
  • User Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface, Voicemaker AI ensures that users, whether beginners or experts, can easily navigate and utilize its features.
  • Versatile Applications: This tool caters to a broad range of applications, making it suitable for content creators, educators, and businesses looking to enhance their audio and video content.


  • Limited Language Support: Voicemaker AI may have limitations in terms of language support, potentially restricting its utility for users requiring diverse language options.
  • Pricing Structure: Users might find the pricing structure of Voicmaker AI to be a factor, as certain premium features could be subject to additional costs.

2. Synthesys AI

Synthesys AI

Synthesys AI emerges as a powerful AI voice generator, leveraging advanced speech synthesis technology to create diverse and natural sounding voices. This platform is designed for versatility, making it a go to choice for content creators, educators and businesses seeking high quality voice generation.


  • Advanced Speech Synthesis: Synthesys AI employs state of the art technology delivering advanced speech synthesis that enhances the overall quality and authenticity of generated voices.
  • Diverse Voice Options: Users benefit from a rich array of voice options, allowing for customization in terms of tone, style, and accent, catering to specific content needs.
  • Multilingual Support: Synthesys AI offers robust multilingual support, facilitating content creation for audiences and accommodating diverse language requirements.


  • Learning Curve: some users may encounter a learning curve, particularly for beginners, as the platforms advanced features may require a bit of familiarity to maximize utility.
  • Premium Features Pricing: While Synthesys AI offers powerful features, certain premium functionalities may be subject to additional costs, potentially impacting the budget for users seeking advanced capabilities.



LOVO AI is a platform that offers realistic AI voices in 100 languages for various use cases, such as marketing, educating, games and more. With over 500 voices in 100 languages, LOVO AI’s Voice Generator is capable of generating hyper realistic voices that captivate your audience. You can use LOVO AI to create compelling videos with voice for marketing, education, games and more. LOVO AI also offers a versatile API that developers can use to integrate the most advanced AI voices in the world into their own apps or services.


  • Voice cloning availabe
  • 400+GB storage for Pro+users
  • Access to 100 languages and 500 voices
  • Pro plan comes with an AI text and art generator

Cons: Videos created under the free plan display a noticeable watermark.

4. Murf Ai

Murf Ai

MurfAi stands out for its top notch audio output that rivals studio quality. The most enticing aspect is its complimentary entry point, allowing users to commence their journey for free. Even within the free plan, MurfAI provides access to experiment with all 120+ voices, enabling users to make an informed choice before making a selection.

No need for credit card details to begin, and MurfAI accommodates up to three users. While track downloads aren’t supported sharing your work with others via a link makes this plan ideal for the early phases of a project.


  • Generous free-forever plan with 120+ voices
  • Supports 20+ languages and accents
  • 8000+licensed tracks with commercial usage rights
  • Doesn’t require a credit card to subscribe to the free plan


AI translation is exclusively accessible through the Enterprise plan and is offered solely as a paid add-on

5. Synthesia AI

Synthesia AI

Synthesia a versatile video editor, comes equipped with language and voice editing tools, making it a standout choice for content creators. While not exclusively designed for voice artists, it proves to be one of the premier AI tools in the creative sphere.

Its standout feature is the avatars functionality. For those unable to afford a cast for acting roles, Synthesia offers a compelling solution. With access to over 140 avatars, users can seamlessly instruct them to speak and act in alignment with their vision.

What sets these avatars apart is their realism. Unlike Snapchat’s animated avatars, Synthesia’s avatars are remarkably authentic, modeled after real human faces. To the untrained eye, distinguishing them as AI-generated becomes nearly impossible, showcasing the platform’s expertise in creating lifelike virtual characters.


  • Comes with an AI script assistant tool
  • 120+ languages and voices
  • Can automatically generate closed captions
  • Lets you add human like avatars to your videos
  • One of the best AI voice generators for You Tube


Primarily recognized as a video editing tool with integrated audio functionalities.

6. Altered AI

Altered AI

Altered stands out as a premier AI voice editing tool, ideal for individuals seeking to enhance and refine their natural voice. It excels in providing a professional touch to your voice, offering features such as an AI powered voice cleaner that effectively eliminates gaps in conversation.

Eliminating common verbal fillers such as stutters, ”ums,” and ”ahs” is crucial for maintaining a polished and professional audio quality, particularly when not used intentionally in dialogue. With Altered’s voice cleaning tool, you can effortlessly remove these disruptions with just a few clicks.

Additionally, it addresses bothersome sounds such as lip smacking or teeth grinding, ensuring the end result is a flawless and polished audio recording.


  • Contains a massive 800+ general voices
  • Lets you create your own custom voice
  • Best in class voice editing features
  • Advanced batch processing is available


Proficiency is necessary for utilizing several features, including voice editing.

7. Voice Over Maker AI


VoiceOverMaker is perfect for creators in search of a text to speech editor. it enables the transformation of text into a natural, professional sounding voiceover. While text to speech conversion is a standard feature, what sets VoiceOverMaker apart it its exceptional user friendly interface.

This feature is conveniently available on the web, eliminating the need to upload your video. Simply choose the video, input the text below it, and the tool will automatically generate a voice.

Subsequently, you have the ability to refine this voice using their advanced video and audio editor. This editor empowers you to manage inherent characteristics of the voice including pitch and clarity, and also control how it blends with the video, adjusting factors such as relative speed.


  • Supports 600+ voices
  • Ideal platform for team collaboration
  • Comes with a built in screen recorder tool
  • Supports seamless language translation with just a click


Certain sample voices exhibit a somewhat robotic quality.

8. Voiser AI

Voiser AI

Voiser stands out a widely used tool for converting text to speech and speech to text. What makes it particularly appealing is that, upon visiting their website, you’ll immediately encounter both these tools showcased on their homepage.

By entering text and choosing a character to vocalize it, you can preview what to anticipate. Exploring the voices and accents provided a delightful and enjoyable experience for us.

Regarding subscription plans, Voiser presents three options: Personal, Business, and Enterprise. If you intend to utilize this AI voice generation tool for professional purposes, we strongly suggest opting for the latter two plans, as they offer superior voice quality and a more extensive range of options.


  • 500+voices
  • Support is available over WhatsApp
  • Both text to speech and speech to text is available
  • License for usage rights is available with Business and Enterprise plans


Certain voices lack emotional expression.

9. Listnr AI

Listnr AI

Listnr boasts one of the most extensive databases of AI voices, with over 900 voices, at least twice the options compared to any other provider on the list. A noteworthy feature is the ability to test these voices before committing to a plan.

Navigate to the AI Voices option in the top header, choose the desired accent, and you’ll be directed to a page with an editor. There, you can input text and witness its conversion to AI audio almost instantly. The commendable transparency provided through this hands on experience for new customers is truly noteworthy.


  • 900+voices available
  • Unlimited audio embeds
  • Free storage ranging from 1GB to 250GB
  • 20 downloads available even on the free plan


Occasionally experiences slowdowns.

10. Kits AI

Kits AI

Kits AI is specifically designed for individuals working on music, with features tailored to soundtracks and instruments. One notable capability is the ability to generate an instrumental version of your voice, allowing you to choose from options like cello, drums, guitar, or saxophone. A demo audio with instruments is provided to give you a preview of the outcome, offering endless creative possibilities.

In terms of voice generation, Kits AI empowers users to craft their custom voice. Users can select a source audio of their preference and utilize it to train a unique voice model for themselves.

Moreover, the “Train” feature incorporates a voice separator tool. By inputting any song, Kits AI can separate the vocals and instruments into distinct tracks. This functionality enables users to seamlessly add different background music to vocals and vice versa.


  • Allows you to separate voices and instruments from tracks
  • Studio recorded AI artist voices are available
  • MP3 downloads available even on the free plan
  • Lets you convert voices into instrumental music


Highly geared towards music.

11. Uberduck AI

Uberduck AI

Uberduck stands out as a well-received AI voice generation tool, Particularly catering to musicians, especially those in the realm of rap. Its user friendly rap generation tools simplifies the process just select a preferred beat, generate lyrics using AI or create your own, choose a voice for the rap, and click on the download button.

While Uberduck allows downloads in both audio and video formats, it doesn’t provide the capability to create a video directly within the tool. To incorporate video content, users need to utilize a separate video editor.

Other sound editing functionalities align with those offered by the aforementioned tools. Uberduck provides a text to speech tool that transforms your text inputs into seamless audio. Users can opt for an AI voice from Uberduck’s library or craft their own for this purpose.


  • Custom voice cloning is available
  • Best in class tool for generating AI raps
  • Lets you make your custom created voices private
  • Both text to voice and voice to voice translation available


The free plan does not include commercial usage rights for AI voices.

12. Eleven Labs AI

Eleven Labs AI

ElevenLab gains a competitive edge with its innovative Dubbing feature, allowing users to effortlessly translate content into 29 different languages within seconds.

A notable aspect is its usability even when unfamiliar with the original language. For instance, if you have audio in French but lack proficiency in the language, EleventLab’s editor can automatically detect the language and facilitate translation into a new language. No login is required for a free demo; simply visit the Product list and select “Dubbing.”

Even with the free plan, users enjoy full access to the shared voice library, offering numerous free voices for content creation. For those seeking a personalized touch, the custom Voice Designer tool allows the creation of custom voices, with the ability to generate up to 600 custom voices based on the selected plan.


  • Instant access to voice cloning
  • Lets you create up to 600 custom voices
  • Automatic language detection before dubbing
  • priority rendering available for Enterprise users


Not as effective in managing lengthy content formats.

13. Play. ht AI

Play. ht AI

Play.ht stands as an AI driven platform providing lifelike AI voices in more than 60 languages, catering to diverse applications like marketing, education, games, and beyond. Featuring a selection of over 570 voices, Play. ht’s acclaimed AI Voice Generator excels in crafting hyper realistic voices that engage and captivate audiences. Whether for marketing marketing materials, educational content, gaming narratives, or other purposes, Play. ht empowers users to create compelling videos with impactful voiceovers. Additionally, Play. ht extends its capabilities through a versatile API, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate the world’s most advanced AI voices into their own applications or services.

It proves highly beneficial For E-learning as it accurately enunciates most terminologies and acronyms.


  • 2500 words in free plan
  • Generous word limits(600,000 words/year in creator plan)
  • The voices within the ultra realistic collection closely resemble human voices.
  • Best in class voice cloning with multilingual support.
  • Great collection of non English languages like Hindi.


The is no pricing tier available for less than $30, even for a limited number of words.

14. Natural Reader AI

Natural Reader AI

Natural Reader is a versatile platform providing lifelike AI voices in over 60 languages, suitable for diverse applications like marketing, education, games, and beyond. With a range of voices available, Natural Reader’s acclaimed AI Voice Generator excels in producing hyper-realistic voices that engage and captivate audiences. Whether for marketing content, educational materials, gaming narratives, or other purposes, Natural Reader empowers users to craft compelling videos with impactful voiceovers. Additionally, Natural Reader extends its capabilities through a versatile API, enabling developers to seamlessly integrate the world’s most advanced AI voices into their own applications or services.


Offers realistic AI voices in over 60 languages, with multiple voices to choose from. Capable of generating hyper realistic voices that captivate you audience offers a versatile API that developers can use to integrate the most advanced AI voices in the world into their own apps or services.


Editing or fast forwarding of converted audio is not available. It can be an expensive solution for personal users.

15. Clipchamp AI

Clipchamp AI

Clipchamp is a web-based video editing tool that incorporates Artificial Intelligence to enhance the editing process. It offers a range of features such as AI-Powered automatic movies, automations, speaker coach, and text to speech generator. Clipchamp’s AI video editor understands the scenes in your media, like visuals, audio, and story, and can make decisions on the best way to edit and compose your media to make an engaging video. Users can automatically generate slideshows, montage videos, and short videos in 1080p high quality.

Clipchamp offers a free online voiceover generator that uses artificial intelligence technology to turn text into speech. You can choose from 400 lifelike voices in 170 languages and accents, and adjust the speed of the voiceover to suit your video narration.


Offers a user friendly interface, a wide range of editing features and effects, and the ability to create professional looking videos quickly. Incorporates Artificial Intelligence to enhance the editing process. Offers a free online voiceover generator that uses artificial intelligence technology to turn text into speech.


Higher than HD resolution output and many templates and stock media require subscription. Templates tend to be short and don’t specify shot types. Limited control over effects. No search for effects. Slow export rendering. Occasional performance issues with large video files. Watermarking on stock footage in the free plan. Upsells to get you to the paid subscription version. Personal users may be put off by the app’s marketing and promotional emphasis.

Comparison of the Top 15 voice AI Solutions

Best AI Voice GeneratorStarting PriceFree VerslonText to speechLanguages
Voicemaker AI$50/yearyesyes130+
Synthesys AI$35/monthNoyes140
LOVO AI$19/monthyesyes100
Altered AI$49/monthyes (7-day trial)yes75+
Voice Over Maker AI$10.65/monthyesN/A30
Voiser AI$15/monthyesyes75+
Listnr AI$9/monthyesyes142
Kits AI$9.99/monthyesN/A60
Uberduck AI$8/monthyesyes25
Eleven Labs AI$1/monthyesyes29
Murf Ai$19/monthyesyes20+
Synthesia AI$22/monthyesyes120
Play. ht AI$31.2/monthyesyes142
Natural Reader AI$49/monthyesyes20+
Clipchamp AI$13/monthyesyes140

Which AI Voice Generator is the Best for Free?

MurfAI provides the most comprehensive features among free AI voice generator plans, allowing users to share links for both audio and video outputs generated under the free plan.

In addition MurfAI allows collaboration with up to three users on a project, granting access to all 120 voices in its repertoire under the free plan. Users also receive 10 minutes of voice generation and transcription.


What is the best free AI voice generator?

Play.ht is the best free AI voice generator as it offers 5000 free words per month for AI voice generation. The free plan includes the ultra-realistic voices but only allows non-commercial usage and requires attribution to play.ht.

What is the most realistic AI voice generator?

As per my tests and overall reviews on the internet, MURF, LOVO, and play.ht have the best collection of realistic AI voices. These tools use advanced machine learning and deep learning to create voices that sound like real human beings.

Is there a free voice AI generator?

Yes, there are some free AI voice generators available. For example, Google Text-to-Speech and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services offer free tiers with limited usage.

What is the famous voice generator AI?

One of the widely recognized and popular AI voice generators is OpenAI’s GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3). GPT-3 can be used for various natural language processing tasks, including text-to-speech synthesis, making it a notable choice for creating realistic and diverse voices in different applications.

What is the best voice cloning AI?


What is the best AI voice for YouTube?


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